Roller shutters

The roller shutters for windows and doors provide fast and reliable protection for your home, office or shop.The shutters of this sort perform 100% protective functions: they protect the windows of homes, shops and offices against hooligans and burglars, protect the residents on the ground floor from curious looks, etc. These roller shutters secure reliable thermal isolation. If the shutters are installed correctly, they may reduce thermal losses significantly during the cold season, and in such a way they provide the possibility to save on heating. If you are tired of noise outside, hearing of car motors, barking of homeless dogs, or discussions of passers-by, the roller shutters may help to solve such a problem. They are made from steel and aluminum, do not need maintenance for long period, and if necessary, they may be easily cleaned. The opening and closing may be manual (by pulling the string, the shell of shutters is rolled into the box), mechanical (by turning the handle, the shutters are rolled into box or fixed at the desired height). The spring-loaded mechanism is used to lift and lower the shutters by hand, while the electromechanical (engine) mechanism operates by remote control. The only button of electronic system may open and close the shutters of several windows, and the modern systems allow programming the closing and opening time of the shutters.

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