In 1996, "RV OFERTA" LLC was started in Alytus and expanded its operations to Vilnius and the rest of Lithuania. Nowadays, "RV OFERTA" is one of Lithuania's largest manufacturers of brand-name consumer products for the home and family. We have one unwavering goal, and that's to be the best window and door manufacturer. We will settle for nothing less.

To achieve that goal, we are committed to three guiding principles:
- excellence and superior performance must be pursued.
- the individual must be respected.
- the customer must be given the best possible service.

Employees are the key to our success
"Langu Meistras" history of growth and success as a window and door manufacturer is due to the dedication of our employees. To be the best, we hire the best. More than 80 "RV OFERTA" employees work hard every day to give our customers high-quality products and superior service. They're a big part of the answer to the question: Why "RV OFERTA"? They see their jobs as we do—as careers.

Verkiu str. 44, LT- 09109 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +370 5 2429826; GSM +370 652 39739
naujaslangas@gmail.com or info@langumeistras.lt